Empanadas GAUCHO

              by Pan Caliente

 A millennial pastry is coming to Kansas City with a little gourmet touch on a exciting fusion adventure.  

The modern empanada is believed to be a derivative of the Indian samosa (also known as Sambusi on East Africa). The first empanadas were made in the Iberian peninsula, specifically Portugal and Galicia (the north-westernmost region of Spain), during the Medieval period and at the time of the Moorish invasion. Recipes for empanadas have been found from as early the start of the 16th century.

The name “empanada” comes from the Spanish “empanar“, which means “to bread” or, in the case of the empanada, “to wrap something in bread”.

Since their arrival in America some centuries ago, empanadas have become a fast-food staple. Our typical empanada GAUCHO is made with a flour-based dough (rather than maíz, or corn) and some of the most common kinds are: ground beef, chicken, ham and cheese, ham and onion, spinach, and humita (sweet corn on Bechamel sauce). But also Empanadas Gaucho is proud of its unique speciality of Gourmet Empanadas, with flavours from all over the international high cuisine.